Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"

Hell Yes

Jon Beam told me to listen to this song cause i showed his alice is dead with by the way your voice is just heavenly in. I love you work you are a great artest.


Booze Can Definitely Mess Up Your Sense Of Judgment...

And I thought what I wrote was jacked up

No joke this song is JUST my style haha not in a weird way but in a dark satirical sort of theory of art sort of way. As crazy as I am I would describe it like a black and white monochromatic video playing out in vivid color... but thats just me =]


I'm not even sure I'm allowed to legally comment on this one! If I do, I'll hear about it via a phone call!

Good vocal harmonies with your echo, although at points they both.. "Feel squashed," in a way, and the result is that neither of them can be clearly understood (The first time around listening to them, at least). Aside from that, another excellent piece!


were did you get the inspiration for this

hania responds: