Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"


Frightening but good. Like really good and disturbing...
But awesome.
You've gained a fan

This was...

Crazy good. haha I started laughing throughout the whole thing xD



I remember when this only had 3 views and I was like the fourth... I can't believe how popular you've become Hania.

As good as the first day I heard it.

I found my old iPod with like 7 of your songs on it, so I looked you up again. Needless to say I'm so glad to have done so, your music really speaks to me (as well as others) No, I'm not saying I'm a necro. (Lol) It's emotional, thought provoking, and risque. I love it.
Never stop.


Not Like your other Pieces But An Interesting and compelling Piece of Art.