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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

^^; Fantastic

The chord choice is splendid, the lyrics flow brightly, like a poem written in soul and harmony. Truly a masterpiece in music and literature. "Softly I sing, to you my King." The progresson is quite amazing...and most professional artists couldn't hope to compare to the harmonic lovliness that this incures in the mind of those who deign to listen and believe.

"Build upon a time so very far away and believe that in time the wings that you seek will take you upon the winds to the skies and heavens that you dream. Take me in your arms, a gentle breeze that I feel, and hold me to the clouds so that I may see the fantasy of the beautiful night sky. In this world I believe that all can be true, my soul, my reality, breathe unto me and the wishes the stars bring will flow from this hand into the hearts of those who see. Flow, flow, doth the dreams of the night sky. Fly...fly do I in the hopes that I will reach and grasp the fantasy that is my soul...my heart...my being."

Truly fantastic...that is what I thought of while I heard this. It may not be incredibly written but what is sought can be put down either into words...or music. Emotion rules us all...and yet doth it bring such magic unto the world around us...and envelope all in a white cloud of pure bliss. Continue your treck into this world of emotion and see just where you stand upon those that can be considered legends for all time.

Good luck, and always strive to fly, create your own road and step ever so softly upon the sands of your dreams. Perhaps one day your wings will grow and you will find that your road no longer exists, for rather than walk upon one path you can then fly freely and know without doubt that you can take to the skies above. Walk your path, spread your wings, and take the path that leads unto eternity.



lol i agree with khalillondon
this song was great to listen too as a back ground song to have while working or reading



This is one of the nicest lullabies that i've heard in a while I used it so settle my nine month old son today and he fell asleep just after the song ended you have a very soothing voice I like this and all your other peices of music and I can't wait to hear more from you in the future ^_^

p.s thank you for posting this

very talented woman

You have a very incredible voice and some well written lyrics in not just this but the other songs of yours I have listened to.
This song has such a wonderful flow.

Softly you sing, softly i sleep

This song calms me like nothing else... I fall asleep to this song and i'm taken far away into dreaming even before I fall asleep... Thank you Hania... Thank you so much <3

hania responds:

You're very welcome :)