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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

It is needless to say that you truely have one of the most beautiful voices ever. Few could compare and those that do, I don't even know to make an example. Amazing amazing work. Glad to hear these. And considering this has been in my fav's forever, I'm shocked I haven't complimented you yet. Keep it up!!! :)

This is an awesome change to go from listening to the chaos of dubstep music and then listening to something so soothing and soft like this. That and your voice is just awesome! Keep up the great singing :)

two people, a young man and woman lay in in a vast field under a night's starry sky. flreflies drift carelessly through the subtle darkness, shining it into the deepest corner's of shadows. the full moon blazes with a bright, cool light, striking the dew-tipped grass, which appeared as pure liquid silver under the brilliant gaze of luna. succumbing to the wiles of the night, the couple embace, hand in hand, and sink away into the earth, to share their dream for eternity.

Hania, you are an amazing composer and singer. i know some people that would kill for a talent like yours. you've graced us with numerous fantastic songs over the years, and i feel as someone should try to repay you for the beautiful art you have introduced to us. above is what i pictured when i listened to this song. i hope that my rookie attempt at potraying it will bring some beauty into your life as you have to mine.

oh yeah, 10/10, 5/5, and downloaded for the win.


This is the most amazing song I've heard so far. This would go up by a ton if audio reviews and ratings counted towards experience D: oh well... enjoy the extra 0.00035 rating!

--Runecrafter Alcamore

wow. just wow.

i could imagine you doing some of Evanescence's songs.