Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

Truly amazing

This sounds so awesome. Honestly, your probably the best artist on newgrounds.
Keep up the good work.

loop on this song

I could loop on this song ...
very cool song


I first listened to this with the volume down (was late at night) and it really does lull you, but at the same time it makes you listen as hard as you can to get the words.

It took my breath away and I hope you keep submitting work like this. With your voice slow and methodic is the way to go it just mesmerizes the audience.

perfect 10/10 all the way, please keep it up.


Oh man. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible the song is and how your voice goes so perfectly with it. You have an amazing power with that voice of yours, and you know how to use it. I can't wait to hear some more.

simply enchanting

i can't even describe the song and your voice it's so breathtaking