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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

The feels this song gives me is like that lullaby in Prince of Egpyt - Deliver Us.


Softly I sing to you, my King
I hope that you sleep so soundly
I am right here, don't wake my dear
Sleep well and I'll comfort you quietly.

Dream of your land
The waves on the sand
Your thrown overgrown with wild flowers
Dream of the light
Casting shadows at night
Gentle raindrops in silver showers.

It reminds me strongly, tune and all, of 'Come Little Children' from that movie Hocus Pocus.

makes me think of Danny phantom opening

This piece of music wakes me up every morning. I seriously don't know what I'd do without it. You, my lady, are a genius. 10/10

The imagery in this song is amazing. Reminds me of something that you would see in a movie like Prince of Egypt.
A beautifully put together piece of music, with everything fitting perfectly.