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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

Another beutiful piece.

@ lilaznpearl: I pictured the same thing.

This song is of biblical proportions

I remember....

This song Ive heard it or something close to it before.....

Most of your songs just make me want to just explode into a billion peices and then come back together laughing and crying for no reason at all...

But this song makes me just want to grab a beautiful girl and just cry into her arms and have her cry back.


This is really beautiful. The lyrics are amazing, and the voice is absolutely beautiful. The image that popped into my head at first was the Virgin Mary singing her baby Jesus to sleep. That was most likely due to the first verses of the song. xD

Beautiful job! Keep it up! =D

T__T beautiful

o.o ooo right... it is beautiful and from what i understand T__T it really is but the truth is that i dont understand the whole lyrics... (im dont understand very much the inglish) so... caan.. anyone pleeease write the lyrics for me? =D it is just like... a spell or somethin i dont know it has something.... is it her voice?? is the ambient? dunno but pleease write the lyrics T__T

so beautiful

it's the perfect music for falling in love for the first time, or even finding your one true love, hmm something to do with true love. I love it! this sounds like it would fit into a story i'm writing