Reviews for "Zodiac"

Great Scott!!

Stamper is a cool dude.
But I gotta say that the zodiac is awsome.
Nice colors and positions.

this is awesome

this is a cool version of the zodiac!

... BTW FFXIII is the best FF since the PS one final fantasy's

jaxxy responds:

Well that's not saying much. :/


Pictures like this are very hard to review (and I don't mean compliment/troll- kind of reviewing). So what I'm gonna say will be quite useless. First of all I'll give you bonus points for having such a variety of characters and seeing this many chibi animals with boobs is quite rare.

The order of that text was quite hard to comprehend at first, which isn't big of a deal but perhaps only thing I could come up with a minuspoint. Ah, well I could be taking one more score away from you, because of this unoriginal anime- chibi style. But thats like calling rap crap, because it's rap? Which is by the way crap.

If I'd have to choose my favorite out from those, it would propably be that horse which I don't find horse-looking at all by the way.

jaxxy responds:

Ack, you're right! I completely uploaded the wrong version with the fucked up text 'n junk. :/ *fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Lol rooster boobs

FFXIII They even bother playing it?
The sheep its a really cute one^^

Great work!