Reviews for "Zodiac"


I like girls with bodies like roosters, fashion sense like dogs, big deep eyes like pigs, and that pose like tigers.

Also the previous statement has nothing to do with the above picture.

happy chinese somewhere

haha this is awesome! i liked the story better though at the bottom xD, though the only contradictory problem was that seeing a rooster is supposed to be a guy, "it" was portrayed as a girl.... so which one is it really ? hmmmm!!!

thank you

thank you so much for making the oxen so strong i am a ox on the chinese calender but realy thank you for doing that the ox is a strong and a very complicated animal and if not disturebed in it.s natural habitat it can be quiet majastic


Very cute, but I feel like the monkey has the short end of the stick. She definitely could be cuter :'3 ~ .


i like it alot and plus my zodiac is the dog its cute ;)