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Reviews for "F-777 - Prism"

I like the airy synths and sense of build into :29. The chord progression is a bit cliche, but I like the blissful melodies and atmospheric flair of the piece. The B-section at 1:15 is a great touch too, and the almost eastern-sounding synth you had playing it was a great choice. Solid work here, F-777! Doesn't quite feel structurally complete yet, but it certainly does sound like old school you. :) Keep up the good work!

NICE JOB F-777! Reminds me of Viper a little ;)

What a throwback, reminds me of Newgrounds audio from 2008 - 2011, fun times finding new songs constantly and enjoying them even if they did sound similar at the time. ;-;

Cannot really hear anything that I don't enjoy about this track. Any plans to do more tracks with a retro vibe to them at some point? :D

Why aren't any of your best songs on spotify :(

Reminds me of another track but I cant put my finger on it...

Anyways great song

F-777 responds:

Ya sounds like 20+ of my songs 2009 - 2012 hahah XD.
But im only recently bringing that style back.
Thanks for the review!