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Reviews for "Episode 42 - Papa COPPA & etc."

thank you for that criticism, I will take that into account. and thank you for the support, i mostly make my animations for fun and this is probably the most support i've gotten.
also that youtube thing is weird, I post my animations on youtube and I think they're fine for kids, but I don't want to mark my channel as a kids channel. You guys aren't kids (well i don't think you are) and you like my stuff, so its not JUST for kids. Also, great podcast.

GoodL responds:

Keep doing what you're doing! I really do enjoy your cartoons and look forward to seeing what you do next.

Well I know that this was a long time coming, but I am a supporter now..

Heya, thanks for the mention!

cheese pizzeria

'Good thing that Newgrounds isn't aimed at children'- that's true but it is one of the easiest flash game websites to find and there are lots of young animators on here, especially in the 'under judgement' section, disturbingly muddled in there with the porn in spite of <this guy having only show 'E' and 'T' content flags on :/

Very informative video. Also, what is this 'chat' you were talking about around 15 mins? Was this podcast livestreamed somewhere?

Also, thanks so much for the nice shoutout <3! And those are really great songs to end on.

HenryEYES responds:

they were referring to the live discord chat, most episodes of ACock is recorded live in their discord server. here is a link https://discord.gg/fjYreyD 😚

GoodL responds:

You're definitely right, and I think there is room for improvement there. For one thing, content filters should work on the under judgement page, and one thing I've talked to Tom about is the idea that A rated content shouldn't be visible to accounts with their age set below a certain threshold.

Thanks for the comments, and I'm happy to see you in the Discord! I really do enjoy your work.