Reviews for "Gerald Returns 1/3"

Good, but...

You need to work on synching! Other than that, this (and all your other movies) are great! :)

wtf was that!.....

That movie was a big waste of time,but i have to admit the grapics were pretty good :)

animation was brilliant but it was so unfunny

bloody hell, you must have spent agesd on those graphics! It's wasted by the crappy story and shitty humour.Work on your comedy mate.

Good graphics, but i just closed the window.

Man good ass grpahics but what is the point of having good graphics if the no one will watch the movie because it suckx!!!!

Great Graphics.. but still not enough to save it

The graphics were great but the rest of the movie was a total shit heap. Well if you were better at the humor part of things then maybe you would have gotten a better score..