Reviews for "Gerald Returns 1/3"

Oh dude,this is so funny!

BUT i think that this is stolen,IM NOT SURE!i have watched the whole series in spanish(i talk spanish)and i knew about this,but there are like 80 episodes and you only posted 6 or 7,it smells fishy......

Lacks in some areas, but interesting.

The style is rather odd, the voices aren't synched with the lipwork, and I can't quite tell what the hell is going on, but I like the animation and there seems to be a plot about it. Not bad.

heh heh

This was great! I'm glad you are showing everyone these movies for free. THis is some of the best flash work I've ever seen.

Definately pro material

Wow, this is definately fit for a cartoon net work. Apart from the incest theme at the ending, I think the level of this work is definately good enough for T.V.

The excellent graphics, animation and story all tell me that you recruit a lot of marquee talent for your work. And I think it's admirable that you manage to build a living out of this level of work.

If you ever visit newgrounds for more than submitting movies, I'd really be interested in talking to your writers.


Not bad, but not that good. It was very dry and slow. Not like the "Bitch" series. You guys got the talent, just make some better material and you'll be on top of the game.