Reviews for "Gerald Returns 1/3"

Great Animation, mediocre sound

The animation on this 'toon was killer, but the sound needs some work. It was a bit too echoy and the mix is a little strange. The story also needs some tightening up.

not bad

bit funny on one bit when the old woman dies what a crazy bitch is tho


Again, I'd just like to say I'm happy to see how ethnicly diverse New Groudns has become! Cool!

this was allways good

as good as allways.

The the english people, the lips doesnt match with speaking because those series are originally in spanish (well the argentina spanish), to see some original version, www.elmonomario.com


you have the greatest style of animation. there is just this one thing you need to improve on dude, the talking doesn't match up with the lips of the characters, and the plot was kinda dry. but i still enjoyed it!