Reviews for "Gerald Returns 1/3"

9 for graphics-0000000 for content.

Why waste your obvious flash ability on this insipid bull shit?

Great Humor, Excellent Graphics

Some of those scenes probably took a lot of time (especially the somewhat rotating view of the Moratory). The graphics were excellently synched with the various sounds chosen for funny effects, and the various voices in the head were simply hilarious.

Hmm, the only thing I'd recommend for improvement would be the lip synching, if you have the time to do it. That would probably give you some extra score.

Oh yeah, and I recognize that Contra music in the beginning (Sega). :)

Great graphics but....

I didn't dig this flash at all. It was a snooze-fest, nothing funny about it at all. I barely made it to the finish. Like I said, AMAZING graphics, but you need to work on the humor.

sweet movie

love your movies make more please