Reviews for "Gravy"

You know what....

I'll play this when I walk to the store.

its ok but.....

i honestly think MC9 is more like walking down the street music ^_^


Sounds like stealth music

*walks down the street*

Certainly sounds like 'walking down the street' music, though I'm having a difficult picturing what sort of street...I tend to picture the image of gears rotating, conveyors moving, and steam robots walking and beeping in step to the beat...
But that aside, the beats are nice and beefy and it's rather good it is just shy over a minute since it doesn't become boring. A nice little beat to be certain ^_^


i never did know that people could actually listen to gravy! well, i know now.

and it does seem like something i would walk down the street to.

i like gravy!

10/10 5/5