Reviews for "Poke Center Trance"


all I can say is: wow, you took the time to remix the pokemon center theme and wow, you made it sound GOOD.


well done. I'm surprised. there isn't a whole lot that you had to work with, but you pulled it off really well. Kudos to you sir . . . or madame . . . sir it is ^_^;

Can't stop listening...

This is by far one of the best remixes of the Pokémon center song I've heard, and the loop is fantastic!

Pokecenters rule! XD

I mean, seriously, not only do they heal your Pokemon FOR FREE, but they have a PC for you to use to switch Pokemon and stuff! XD

But yes, this is a great remix of a classic track that I'm sure a lot of us Newgrounders remember and cherish, even if a lot of 'em won't admit it, heh. Keep up the swell work!


This good my in a great mood^^