Reviews for "What a crazy bitch! 1/2"


I watched the first one before this and i still cant belive how good the drawings are, they are frigin insane man, VERY VERY talented, great job man!!


Dude, you have got to be the best flash artist I've ever seen. Your movies are awesome and very well put together. This is better than most of the crappy stuff thrown together quickly for some cheap laughs. Keep it up.

lol nice

the graphics were pretty impresive u must of worked on that for a while and i can appreciate that some ppl here just send in there fucking lame ass bullshit that they worked on for like an hour but u really did a great job cant wait to see the sequal well god luck


hhahaha thats a cool movie made me laugh at a few bits

one word:awesome

i cant wait until the next one!