Reviews for "What a crazy bitch! 1/2"

Yep! A cool movie....

That movie was very well done, that's for sure, but at some places, the humor was lacking.
But it was worth my time, and I am gonna watch the sequal!!

The Graphix was total killer, and the sound was prof too!!
So I'll give it a 10....

Kick ass

oh my god, this is like, some of the best graphics ive ever seen here on newgrounds..so detailed..so life like...like a cartoon series on tv, for adults, you must make more, make a sequel!, this is just the best, where did you get the idea from? what inspired you to make this?, how long did it take you to make this?, well i hope to hear from you, see ya =)

Funny stuf funny stuff

It was cool,funny,and intertaning

Wow man that was pretty sweet.

I mean really, it does look like an episode from an animated series show. Nice job man I give you a 10. And for the love of god; people, stop spamming that stupid website its gonna get you banned and you know.

Loved It

It Was Great