Reviews for "What a crazy bitch! 1/2"


ehhhh, it was ok not bad but ok.


pretty good!

mAg1c bOus

t'would b betta if choo turned that, magic bus, around and made a gas about spooder man or hoolboys. that would be better and u could call them, hoolboy and spooderman sketches. i sees it noows. my name ins light and a'm a americoon celebritny. thens yoo will all sees my greatnsess. i wills bee grater thens brootney spears, a'm ill bee the gratest porsen evers in a'mooricoo lands

pretty good but the story doesnt make sense!

the same as in the one line summary

lol pretty kool

liked the animation a lot and had a good point to the story,mario is a great flash artist ^_^