Reviews for "What a crazy bitch! 1/2"

Not to shabby

Um wheres the other half?
If there is could you tell me where is it?

Where's the 2nd half?

I love this movie so much i am dying to see what happens next

very well directed

the cuts from one sean to the next were amazing and and the dude goes into his own little world/train of thought those seans are perfect vary funny good job :)

Shit poor.

Sadley enough good graphics were mixed with shit poor humour.I tell you what,I didn't even laugh,not even grin,not even smirk.....I didn't even twitch my nose for this video.Thats how shit poor it is.The graphics were great,but the humour was just blank in this video.Was it even meant to be funny at all?If not,then why bother making it?Not only do people look for good graphics in videos,but they look for something that will amuse them.You didn't touch my facial expression in any funny way.Pathedic.

It was just boring

I dont kno why but i hated this movie. Sure it had good animation and such but the humour lacked and the whole plot of it was quite tiedous. I just couldnt enjoy it.