Reviews for "What a crazy bitch! 1/2"

Da BOMB !!!!!!!!!

That was a mad movie it was 1 of the best movies i ever sean on new grounds the graphics wore great the style very good sound exelent voilence there wasnt much it was intresting and not funny but all the other things wore great i give it a 8 out of 10

Anyone thought it was Nintendo Mario??

For the longest time I thought it was going to be a Mario parody. Still a very amusing flash. Your quite skillful, and look forward to any other flashes you make. I still liked the first one better then the second one though.


That was awesome! Can ya light my cig. lol


i really liked this one make more like this i was lmao with the whole thing can you light my cig?see im missin my thumbs lol

That was actually pretty good!

Wow, its a great start for the first part. Hope the second one would be a lot better based on this one. Good Job!