Reviews for "Little Laughters - Smiley Cindy Bossfight"

Hell yeah

This is like techno club version of White And Red As Illusion which is one of my favorites you have made.

*[A warm smile with dark intentions greets you!]
*[RUNning away is not an option in this fight!]

I truly like this song, it's got a very great pacing, and some good laughs! Whenever I listen to it I can just imagine a crude animation of like someone playing the game, but it corrupts their computer, and the player sees Cindy outside the window, so he gets up and grabs a shotgun and some shells to feed it, and runs out, Cindy nowhere in sight. Unbeknownst to them, that she is already breathing down their neck :)

Truly amazing work! The playlist for my cruising grows in greater numbers! Can't wait to blast this track in my car! <3

on reapeat for at least 1/2 hr now

Well made