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Reviews for "Hot!"


I Love this... Such an ear worm!

fuk that "Ahhhhhhh" shit at the beginning is so god damn good

edit: yeah that shit GOOD

KawaiSprite responds:

I'm trying to figure out what you mean by this lol i think its the clap with reverb on it?

Wow its great. What samples did you use?

KawaiSprite responds:

Korg M1 for keys and lead synth, DX7 for bass, Roland Soundcanvas for the orchestral hits and some guitar sounding parts, and stock ableton live sounds. I might have used a polysix as well. The drum samples are 505 from mars, they sample old drum machines and they all sound great

Has a 32-bit vibe to it at parts. Nice combination of low and hi-fi. This is good stuff. Very funky.