Reviews for "Merciful."


This sure looks like Esmeralda from Notre-Dame de Paris

nalem responds:

no it doesn't. not even a little bit. http://lnx.ginevra2000.it/Disney/esmeralda1/002g.jpg

Very cartoon looking lol.

Hmm i like how smoth the lines are. And the shadeing is not bad too. Oh and it's not blocky to XD Very nice work on it. Keep it up. Woot. :P

I agree with everyone.

I can see by how much this triggers much emotion and feeling from it, It took some time to get it just right. I agree with everyone saying that it has a cutish and sexy gleem to it. Overall I say you get a good 10/10 here. I just wonder though about how long have you been working on just this one piece alone? I ask because a piece of work I made recently took me about 6-8 hours to do, and it was just a landscape drawing at that.

lol LFD witch

its a witch from l4d(but a human)OMG it creeps my little bro out LOL


awsome job i dont know that u draw so good

nalem responds:

thanks :D <3