Reviews for "Merciful."

very hot

this is very sexy, love her face and body. and that innocent cute way of her, damn. nice work.

This is hot.

Every corner of this artwork makes me moist. I WANT HER.

By the way, you get a Super 5 as your rating.


wow realy good. keeep up the good work.

Ahh this reminds me of one of Book of Bantorra

I don't know if you know of the anime but it reminds me of the member of the Armed Librarians called Noloty. Great work.

very cute

She is adorable, I love how you drew her hands too. She looks great, I have to admit that the background is a little boring. Her hair is really nice, and her pose is really sexy. You did a great job with all the shading too. I love it! Nice signature btw.