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Reviews for "Merciful."

nice bikini gurl XD

hehehehe lol i love bikini gurlz =3


very cute! i love the colors

Merciful? Maybe. Innocent...?

... I think not. >:)
(Yes, I'm male. That happens.)

This is nice and clean. Good color blending, I especially think the attention to the hair is good. Nice solid work. I would prattle on, but not much needs to be said about this. 3-4 accurate adjectives should do:

Maybe I could... Maybe I should...
Awww forget about it, favorites it is.

I already did her IRL......... FAP......... FAP...

Now seriously, this is a very, very good drawing.

Very good peice of work.

Now, I may not be like hlaf the NGers here who seem to have serious cartoon fetishes, however it is obvious that this is a very well done piece. I expect great things from you!