Reviews for "Resident Koopa"

more than okay!

There are quite some funny elements in this movie. Altogether it was a bit too silenced for me, I would've liked more backgroud music. Graphics are, well, Nintendo ;) I don't know what to say other than good job.

A17roolz responds:

Yeah, that was the ONLY thing that I was disappointed about in my movie -_- I wish I had more sounds to put in.


Damn you nintendo hahahah

Decent Graphics, Annoying Sound, Lame Plot.

This had decent graphics, but the sound was really annoying. The plot was lame, you basically replaced the resident evil characters with nintendo characters, using the same plotline from resident evil. The jokes with Luigi and Mario didnt appeal to me because they have been overused. Overall, this was a lame parody and an insult to the Resident Evil and Super Mario Bros. Series.

A17roolz responds:

a) There isn't much sound so I don't know what you're talking about.
b) It's supposed to be based on Resident Evil 1.
c) It was supposed to have Mario characters replace Resident Evil ones.

Overall, you're lame and an insult to humanity.

this shit OWNZ

great movie, but please turn your mic down, maybe put a sock or handkerchief over to cut the tinny sound.

i dont know i didnt watch it to much loading

loading takes forever

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