Reviews for "Episode 39 - It's mrjoeyprosser! & etc."

thank you for showcasing my song! :))

Didnt know i was infamous. I very much appreciate the mention and loved listening to this.

Thank you so much for the shout out! It means a whole lot to hear what you had to say about my work!

Thanks guys, I guess I am a Boomer too!

Boomers make for pretty entertaining interviewees. :)

This was great. I listened to this one on route somewhere and seem to have forgotten most topics I would've probably commented on otherwise, but in regards to stopmotion at least: it seems that genre is actually on the rise lately! If you haven't heard of EdBound I'd recommend checking out some of his stuff. Seems like one of many newcomers who've recently started bringing back some life to this ancient and all-in-all awesome scene.

And great selections. I loved that catch a Pope bit too. XD But with regards to GHOSTHACK, I feel like an at least somewhat consistent melody is what allows you to really immerse yourself in music. I appreciate the effort that went into this but in the end I appreciate it more so because of that than because it really carried a build or structure that let you in. I wish they would've done more in that regard, since the detail level otherwise was just insane.

Also holy shit 17,000,000 views is a lot of views!!! Hope there'll be more of those projects lined up too. Good convo.