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Reviews for "Lit Fuse (Remastered Album Mix)"

I didn't think the original Lit Fuse could get any better, until I heard this. A true masterpiece, to inspire countless works of art in the future. This is one of the few songs that, after reading the title and setting my own high expectations for the song, met those standards at eye level and then rose beyond into the boundless reaches of infinity.

My only criticism: the melodies in the second drop collide with one another and make a kind of messy-ish sound. Other than that, great.

Btw the piano music in the end is both really cool sounding and at a really high and satisfying quality.

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Cacola responds:

sfurei ahh thank you so much!! ;w;

Aight it’s official, humanity has created the perfect song.


This music is the kind that rarely I'll ever come by. But all of this song is really something else compared to my standards and is incredibly unique. Keep on doing whatever sparked the group of neurons in your brain that lead to this idea forming, because it's really something special.

true masterpiece.

Way better than the original. I might remake KrmaL's level with this song. Thanks so much!