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Reviews for "Lit Fuse (Remastered Album Mix)"

as much as i love the original, i really do love this mix a bit more. the only thing about it that i dont like is the outro, as the original had a very dreamy and meloncholic ending since due to the fadeout. This outro, while having more finality to it, kinda leaves the song feeling less mysterious overall, which i think was one of the most fantastic parts about the original, how mysterious and ominous it sounded. Overall though this new mix is fantastic and I cant wait to see what you do next.

Alright, I even went and changed my password to access my account and leave a comment. For some reason my heart actually accerelated its pulse in the duration of the song. I hadn't checked my NG in a very long time, and I came back only to find this gem. I'm so genuinely happy you've finally finished (and released) this project, for it's been so long in the making. The new mix is superb. It's just as thrilling as the first, second, third, every time I've listened to the original. This has even given me further inspiration for music-making. I'll be looking forward to listening to the album. Cheers.

Just heard the 13145 re-master of this and wanted to check out your page. This is a killer composition, I love 5/4. Keep up the awesome work!

A GORGEOUS piece of work in every aspect! Especially in the building of climax!

oh my god this is 8x better than the original, well damn done Cacola.

I really should make an edit of this one too.

This is unbelievably good.

Edit: time for an actual review
The song overall is much better than the original, the mixing is way cleaner and now I can hear all the sounds properly. The piano and trumpet (or whatever it is) solos at the end are some of the sexiest things I've ever heard and combine to make one of the best song endings I've heard to date. However, in the drops the mixing is still somewhat messy, especially in the second drop when the high lead overpowers everything and all the background sounds messy and blends together too much.

Overall, great work! 5 stars from me nonetheless.