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Reviews for "Lit Fuse (Remastered Album Mix)"

This its a really good remake, the 2nd drop its perfect, the 2nd drop's end too
The trumpets at the end add something, but doesn't fit well.

delicious approach to 5/4 :)

Idk why but I hear the song more on one side of my headphones than the other. Anyway, you definitely remastered it well. The 2nd drop sounds a bit weird with those extra notes though. The piano part at the end of the song hit me hard, it's so good. Amazing job!
The trumpet at the end sucks tho.

While I do love how remaster sounds much more clear: I have to be honest and say that I personally prefer the ending of the original. The trumpets at the end just kind of throw me off because I think they don't fit with the rest of the song. The piano is decent I guess. I still appreciate the work though.

So nice, like a space battle. I like that