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Reviews for "The Angel (A Story in 15 Parts)"

Incredible work as always!
The way you use the soundfield is incredible in this piece, it always keeps me on my toes and I love it! I love your use of dissonance thoughout the piece, it brings tension in places I never expect but it's usually resolved in such clever ways.
I could literally write an essay into the analysis of this piece, it's incredible. The vocal layering at the 8:30 mark is dope af.
Such depth, I loved every second of it. One thing I like about your mixes as well are the use of dynamic contrast! 10:30 mark was probably my favorite part of the tune, I love the vibe you were going for there. It built an atmosphere that I really gelled with. Another section I really enjoyed was around the 50:00 mark. Great high energy moment and I LOVE the DnB inspired sampling. I picked up an inspiration of the Undertale Neutral Ending FB, great stuff! I also LOOOOOVEED the sax performance in this tune. I LOOOOVVVE when "classical" instruments are intertwined with electronic music. It brings a type of color to the ears that I don't hear as often as I'd like to be honest...
Goooooooooooooooooood shit, easily one of my favorites! I'm gonna check out the album!

Cacola responds:

ttthis was a labor of Love thats for sure. and yea I love to fuse together sounds from non-electronic genres with synths and EDM sounds its like, My Thing

But im really glad you enjoyed it~!

This album has been quite the journey hasn't it? I'm so glad TATD is finally out! You've worked so hard and for so long, I hope everyone gets the chance to listen to it :)

This track is probably my favorite of the bunch, and this album is probably my favorite of the lot! Keep up the fantastic work! Now that you can finally put this project behind you, I'm excited to hear what you come up with next!

Nice atmosphere, and I was really impressed for those irrational rhythms. I want timestamps for part transition tho.

this is awesome.

Came here from Geometry Dash. 'RobTop Travel' level, to be exactly. This music is really relaxing... Incredibly great work! :)

Cacola responds:

damn someone really turned this into a geo dash level??? wow lol, cool stuff