Reviews for "Grey Skies"


very unique sounding song, so props for originality. reminds me of dj-nate in a way.
i really like the high pitched sounds in the song, although the song did get a little boring sounding in the middle. but at the end the song was powerful. i really like this beat. 5/5

JVUnderground responds:

I always have a boring part in my songs :P
Im a sucker for long introductions and reintroductions :)


Nice work, man. Very original, you deserve RESPECT. Like the others say, the end was great. TRANCE FTW.

JVUnderground responds:

Endings for me were always a problem (just check some of my earlier songs - not too early cause they suck alot if you go to back in the past)
Until I discovered the phat bass :)

Dam man you got some talent

Amazing man amazing i dont know what to say but that it rocks


Wicked awesome job! this is deffinately goin' on my MP3!

nice beat

the ending was nice