Reviews for "Grey Skies"

Nice Work!

FL Studios? I have version 7 but Ive been trying to teach myself how to mix effects into instruments to get the sound I want. Have any advice on that? Good job by the way! My next song might come within the next week or so


Wicked awesome job! this is deffinately goin' on my MP3!

really cool =)

this song has character

it doesn't play a important roll how good the mastering is

this is a song I've never heard with that chords in this structure and something is holding me to listen to this song till the end =)

worthy to be in the top 30

greetings Semaphore

Dam man you got some talent

Amazing man amazing i dont know what to say but that it rocks


Nice work, man. Very original, you deserve RESPECT. Like the others say, the end was great. TRANCE FTW.

JVUnderground responds:

Endings for me were always a problem (just check some of my earlier songs - not too early cause they suck alot if you go to back in the past)
Until I discovered the phat bass :)