Reviews for "Collapse"

That song is really high quality!

Bonnot responds:

Thanks :)

This is awsome. I dont understand how people do things like this.

Bonnot responds:

Through hardworking, pains and drugs :)

Thank you for your review. Have a good weekend.

Yeah Mang! The atmosphere in the beginning is what I dig! The beat that comes in 40 seconds has a great build. Horror ambient in the beginning with a cinematic sound that truly does align with Mad Max. I've listened to this several times when you released this, but It's really hitting the spot right now. Works great while playing some FPS. Reading your description, I'm reminded of this clip regarding the Age of Decadence that this society is currently in:
Could it be the beginning of the end?

Bonnot responds:

O.o I'm so happy seeing your review. I'm so proud of this track, but funny thing is that I already made two unreleased better tracks for the album haha.

Inspired somebody is not the same as imitating. I've been trying to get my stuff sound like someone else and failed. But Collapse marks a changing point in my music, because I now stop trying to sounds like someone else but be my own. While yes, I was inspired by you and Lich, always, I do find my own path.

As for the theme, collapse is already happening. The fires, the riots, revolutions, climate change, they all come from the instability of life, and that come from the system. When people said the system not working, I say capitalism is working as intended, it is how it work, it must exploit people to survive. But capitalism is like a parasite, sooner or later, it will kill the host. And that host is us, and the ecology. 10 years left until the tipping point of climate. Make your time count. You are welcome to look up UN IPCC data and check them out.

Stay safe my friend, take care of your loved ones, buy guns, stock ammos, foods and pray for there still be future for your kids. Because everyone gonna have rough rides, and few will make it.

i must say that this auidio is great! and thecomment very reflexionist (also in my mind came the screen of a action movie credits).

Bonnot responds:

Thanks for the comment :)

You grabed my attention on the 1st second! Asome. Btw can you rate and comment my song Halloween Mashup? I'm new so I don't have many opinions. Also, I ment to put 5 stars not 4\2 stars. Just as a FYI, I talk alot😂

Bonnot responds:

Thank you for your review! :)