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Reviews for "Sfesenyye"


I banged my head so hard, my eyeball capillaries popped and I got red eye. Thrash on.


This song sounds awesome man, how long ago did you write it? It sounds really good, it's definitely surprising that you got it to fit on here at 5:21. It's definitely great to headbang to, a good bit of it reminds me of slayer, of course most of your songs seem to remind me of slayer lol. Great song though dude, no complaints here, awesome job.


Sounds like someone's speeding in a car or something getting chased by the cops. That's what I imagine when I listen to this because this is heavy metal and has that little background toon that makes it sound like something's running away from something. All I have to say is, keep up the good work! Overall 10!


I don't even LIKE heavy metal, but man, I really liked this, especially at the second progression, I really liked that. And hearing this...fuels me to go practice on my guitar!! =P


I'm sure I've heard this before, but fuck it kicks fuckin ass! Thoise heavy ass palm muting riffs fuckin KILL! Man, that tone is fuckin BROOOTAL! So why the fuck don't you have a proper fuckin studio album yet?? Your shit IS the shit man, always fuckin brutal..
Yeah, and I'll get around to reviewing some of your newer shit when i get really baked and listen to your tunes again. Cheers bro!