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Reviews for "Sfesenyye"

Too bad

Too bad you had to cut the end off...would you do the same to your penOr? hahaha. Way to mutilate a badass piece of metal. hahaha.
All and all fuckin wicked shit, G-man! You need to scream some shit on this, send it to me and let me scream some shit too.
Anyways, ending sounds fine. Good tune to clean up the bodies to. haha.

Rock on and I'd copy and paste what I voted here...but they took that away...so:

Thanks for your sacrifice of the virgin, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You just made this song audible to Satan himself! He likes the shit out of it too..Raising the horns to the beat!

wtf in a good way

wow i can imagine listening to this while playing "resistance:fall of man" online. Good job yo!

Wow dude...

gotta love the riffs that start about 1 minute into the song.
You gotta keep making more, dude.

I really like this stuff, keep it coming, please.


This kicks ass!

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers man!!


This song would definately work as a boss them or something. The kicks are nice man, and the riffs are just fucking epic! I love this. Sfesennye 4EVA!!!!