Reviews for "True Life Demo"


I'm a lil kid who loves FF's and RPG's and your games cheered me up!

This True Life one is pretty cool! But I'd like some background music.. Though now its one great demo! Hey, you know some other guy I know is programming a game on C++ called True Life... coincidence...

Great work Keep it up!


This game is AMAZING this is my favrite type of game and all of your work is greati like the story line 2


Your Korn fan-dom really show in your animation and shit... Anyways, this should make a really cool game.

Wow, nice and promising

That demo was great. The RPG elemnts were wonderfull.the thing you gotta do though is make the screen bigger, the words all the way to the right get cut off. Now, if you back this up with a great story and more gameplay, you got yourself in the top 50 for sure. Good job.

Good Demo

Not a bad game for a demo. Good battle system and sound. It would be better with music and a larger screen though. Another thing is that I didn't get why your guy doesn't die even with health below 0...