Reviews for "On me"

Ahh, Superb song

Simple, rythmic, nicley building up.
Liked the synths and drums were clear.
10/10 5/5 )))


i like how it will slowly build up with new sounds in the background excellent quality my firend!

umen responds:

"i like how it will slowly build up..."
Thats was point, and you got it! ;)


a great song i love this one


It seemed much more rough than your other pieces of work. I liked the song, but there could be a few improvements. I'm not honestly sure what the improvements are, but I can feel it. But, once again, Good work.

umen responds:

I wanted to be clear and "poor", but maybe you're right. I'll think about it, thanks.

Muy interesante

This some how sounds like And One, and Kraftwerk mixed together in some German techno soup.

umen responds:

One and only techno artist I know and listened couple of times is Westbam, but that was way back. I don't really know if this cut is even closed to techno, but if you say so :)