Reviews for "Meltdown"

dimaomo, your fuckin stupid!!

this is way better than that shit you drew, dont tell him he needed more time hes a fuckin beast!! hell turn you into a blunt and smoke your assss!!!

Send me a shirt?!

Really liking your stuff man. I don't think a lot of people understand how hard it is to get the grungy feel you've put into these pictures. By far my favorite style of art, and I hope you keep em coming.

UnderARock responds:

hah, hopefully I do get shirts printed one day....you would get one for all these nice words your sending my way

just WOW!

so much awsome-ness to look at!
Love the background :D

Eharmony... really?

Meh... anywho, its a pretty kewl looking robot, thumbs up approval and such ^.=.^


If you did make a t-shirt of this I would wear it no problem. Do you have any t-shirts to sell anyway I love this kind of work

UnderARock responds:

awesome, naw not yet, hopefully soon Ill find a way to get something printed