Reviews for "Meltdown"

Are you kidding?

That would work fantastically on a shirt! I think, though, that if you're printing on the internet (threadless, spreadshirt, zazzle, etc.), then the drawing will be limited to that square, and look weird.

If you screen printed it.. you could have the entire bottom half the gray color, continuing from the background art..

Just saying. :D

Groovy man. :)

This is really nice, the colors dont vary much but you make excellent use of the ones you used. I think it's good enough to be on a "vurt" brand shirt. Really, nice work!


i wish i could give you more than a 10 on this
brilliant stuff
love the art work
all around nice pic


I'd wear this on a shirt. :D Very nice.

UnderARock responds:

thanks :)

Really Cool

All of your artwork has a really nice style to it. This one has to be the best though. =D

UnderARock responds:

thank you sir