Reviews for "Meltdown"

Eharmony... really?

Meh... anywho, its a pretty kewl looking robot, thumbs up approval and such ^.=.^

just WOW!

so much awsome-ness to look at!
Love the background :D

Send me a shirt?!

Really liking your stuff man. I don't think a lot of people understand how hard it is to get the grungy feel you've put into these pictures. By far my favorite style of art, and I hope you keep em coming.

UnderARock responds:

hah, hopefully I do get shirts printed one day....you would get one for all these nice words your sending my way

dimaomo, your fuckin stupid!!

this is way better than that shit you drew, dont tell him he needed more time hes a fuckin beast!! hell turn you into a blunt and smoke your assss!!!

what tha...

you have too do more work it looks like you were bored.

UnderARock responds:

haha dude......youve gotta be kidding me I just checked your shit out and Ill ive gotta say to you is WOW.your dumb.