Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"


That was INCREDIBLE. I mean just INCREDIBLE. Your first game? Damn I thought you knew this stuff already! At first I was gonna give it average because the fighting wasn't much, but after that big yellow guy it got better! WOW! Tom, put this in the collections NOW!!!!!

Anax responds:

Companion! Very thankful for the comments. I know that the game didn't please all, but the one that imports is that made the game with a lot of dedication. I hope has amused at least you. I am happy of receiving a comment on my project.


at first i thought it was crap... but the later fights take strategy when u have to take them all on without stoping.and the wiley fight if u dont know the weakness u are screwed.. by the way why is what you chose the weakness.. it makes no sense at all.otehrwise.. good work

Anax responds:

Well... in spite of not understanding your doubt very well, I thank enough for your opinion. Even more!

It dosen't work.

I have pressed the Z button 50 times but it dosen't work.


in wily stages, is not necesary to use items (exept in last 2 ones), if you run out of items, sorry. Well, you should look for their weakneses, When you die, your hp reset, right? But not only the HP, all your weapons energy reset, too.
In last battle, use an e-tank when you have less than 75 in HP

I write this because there is a lot of players who say that in last battles the game turns impossible, about that, you (the autor) should skip the boss rush stage (wily stage 4)

good game