Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"

Wow, suck

This game has no strategy, the different weapons do nothing at all, and to answer Biitonik's question no this was not how the first was like the first game was actually a run and gun type of game not a RPG with no RP. thats all this thing is a game. and a bad one at that.


This a original game



in wily stages, is not necesary to use items (exept in last 2 ones), if you run out of items, sorry. Well, you should look for their weakneses, When you die, your hp reset, right? But not only the HP, all your weapons energy reset, too.
In last battle, use an e-tank when you have less than 75 in HP

I write this because there is a lot of players who say that in last battles the game turns impossible, about that, you (the autor) should skip the boss rush stage (wily stage 4)

It was all right but I never played the first one

It wasn't challenging until you are in the final boss stage.Was the first game's levels really that simple?

Too easy...

I didn't find it fun at all. I like game's with strategy involved, this had no strategy besides finding 'Z' on your keyboard, and picking who you wanted to mash 'Z' with.