Reviews for "Mega Man 1 Remake"

Nice graphics, poor gameplay

Mega man 1 was not an rpg, how can you call this a remake? no skill is needed just keep pressing z. It is cool that you can get new weapons, but they all do the same damage! Mega Man is not supposed to be an rpg!

Interesting spite choices.

It was pretty good could be harder and more masters but still pretty good.

Keep trying

You seem to lose the idea of RPG. There's suppose to be more of the random side of damage instead of always just the same number constantly. And you forgot to mention that it was an RPG in the first place. But from what this looks, I can see that you will do a better job in the future. Good Luck.


one time i was mashing z when this glitch happened:the turn menu didnt pop up then i had to start over woooow

Gliches but fun

I Really like the game becouse i am a geek of megaman But the game has one glich. Some times
when you beat a boss it ceaps exploding you see meny circles and meny circles. But that is the only bad thing, and i love the game Its really fun. Good job on makeing it i loved it and i recemend
peaple to play this. I lked how that the bosses weaknesses are the same it gos
Fire man to bomb man to guts man to cut man to elec man to ice man.
Sweat game i love it and i know all of that becouse i have played megaman 1
i have megaman anniversary collecton. I cant wait till you make the next one. Megaman rools and i hope you think that to i hope every one thinks that. awesome game thanks for making it