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Reviews for "Lost Joy"

Lovely piece really. Your friend might've not been joking when he said that, though. Music, all artforms really, are great outlets, especially for negative emotions.

For what it's worth I do hope your situation improves.

EverErratic responds:

Thank you for the review and well wish! Indeed, music is a great emotional outlet.

This is an official NGADM '19 Review

Don't ever let me stop you from making waltzes. Making this a piano piece was a really cool different take on what you normally do, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This had a nice fresh take and there was some great emotion behind it. I really enjoyed having it play on repeat and pick up a new thing here and there. Never got tired of listening to this.

Production and Sound Design:
Not much to work with here since it's mostly a piano and fiddle. However, it sounds nicely polished and realistic. Instantly through me into the environment you were working in.

Ugh this needs to be longer. Especially since you added the fiddle into it, that alone gave it the feeling of a lot more potential to develop. This had good flow and I was really enjoying how it developed.

Emotion / Conclusion:
It felt more like a waltz-like Bach piece than an Everratic piece. Lots of emotion and the potential for some serious good composition like you were already displaying in this. I'm super proud to have heard this.

Composition: 9

Production: 8

Sound Design: 9

Structure: 8

Emotion: 10

EverErratic responds:

Don't worry, I'll continue composing in 3/4, but you're right in that I shouldn't get too comfortable with one particular style.

I wish I could have made this longer, but my fingers were hurting too much :(

Saying my music reminds you of Bach's is a great compliment.

Thank you for the review!

I remember Mozart and Tchaikovsky with this song! The instruments sounds so real! This is a beautiful piece of art!

EverErratic responds:

That's a great compliment! thank you :D

Wonderful little track! Love that you use several registers of the piano and not just the two octaves in the middle. Nice dynamic contrast. Also textural contrast between the waltz sections and the soft arpeggiated ones. My favorite bit is around :50 where you set up the expectation of a picardy third but then spin out the phrase to end on a dissonance. Is that the leading tone in the bass at :59? Sweet.

I wish it was longer and had more development. Especially considering the entrance of the violin which just begs for more material. I do like how you keep the right and left hands of the piano at the outer registers as to not interfere with the register of the violin. Cool track!

EverErratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you noticed what I did at :50. I agree this should be longer.

Just realized this is a bit familiar to your latest work in terms of melody - like this was an extended version of the other, with slight changes.
I really enjoyed the dynamic/change in between heavy and soft pressed keys, makes it sound organic and alive. :)

The overall atmosphere reminds me on some dramatic romance, or lovesickness.

EverErratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you like the dynamics. I was inspired by the anime Your Lie in April, which may be why it reminds you of a dramatic romance or lovesickness.