Reviews for "-Greeksta's2ndTrance-"

not bad

the piano is preaty good
and not only the piano but the whole treck
still maybe its only my style of music but should add heavyer and deeper base
and keep up the speed just a lil bit would be perfect
still i like it

Greeksta-69 responds:

Hey thanks man i appreciate it, and yeah i forgot to add some crazy bass to it but its aight for my 2nd try im glad you enjoyed it because i enjoyed making it. Thanks once again!



ok piaonos are geting old

Greeksta-69 responds:

This is the first tiem ive tried piano with trance.. dont spam again please...


I really like that fuckin intro, thats my style, piano mixed in with trance.. nice job on the 2nd trance song, repetitive but really good... 5. 10/10

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Greeksta-69 responds:

Hey man, thanks alot yeah i loved the intro when i tried it so i had to keep it !
Ill come check your work in a bit.


Can't say...

Can't say enuff but um... it is hard great job. I like hard so anything hard goes my way is going to get marked well. LoL

Greeksta-69 responds:

ahhaha yeah same i love when it hits hard man, thanks for the review much appreciation from me!


much better....

The intro was lovely and the way you played the piano was awesome.
Great use of the claps, drums and snares.
The one thing that really bothered me was that one meldoy was repetitive threw out the whole song. Even though you did change the sounds, and synths that melody was always there. Like for example at 2:18 that melody stops and then like 10 seconds later its back. I am not saying that its a bad thing, but just keep in mind to change it up a bit.
Also you could have definately put more bass into it.
Overall this is really good for your second trance song. You definitely stepped it up a notch. :D I know your future releases are going to be great, keep up the great work.

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Greeksta-69 responds:

YEEEEEEEE :D Thanks man yeah i was gonna add more bass i swear lol i just got excited and wanted to submit it lol anyways thanks alot man i appreciate the review !