Reviews for "One More Kiss"


Hey, if this is your first flash then...... Wow, you have some real talent, stick with it, everything was great except for the starting page. It just sort of lacked something, the button was a little hard to find, but this was still great and i hope you make more.

A very promising start

If this is in fact your first flash, then you aer going to be doing some really awesome stuff with a bit more experience under your belt. Some things that worked, the style of the graphics were great very unique you could make it your thing.
Some things that needed work, well, the start menu could be a little more interesting (but thats no big thing) and make the edges a bit more defined. I noticed it most after the man jumped off the building, i couldnt tell his hair from shadows, and if thats what was intended, then cool.

This was really nice.

This flash was pretty good. The graphics were great, you had your own style to it. The style of this flash was good as well, it was a nice music video. The song was pretty good but it did get repetitive. I just thought it was a nice little music video. Good job making this, you should really make something else.

Hey now, it wasn't that bad

The art style is good. The music is good. The animation could use a little more work.

An above average first effort, though. Underrated and overlooked.


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