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Reviews for "The NES Pad"


that bring some old memorues of gaming !!!nice one


But granted that this s a very simple object to recreate. But if you really want to take us back, try the first atari controller, but I will settle for a comador 64 or game master. If you all don't know what those are, then you have some homework ahead you. Some real old school shi---stuff. Could ou also try drawing one of the first memory cards hint: not the playstation). I know, I am a nerd.

Nanakisan responds:

lol sir in 3d nothing is easy to recreate. theres lots of rules pertaining to realism and faked. mainly put the bevels on the plastic were what took me a 1 hour for each piece of the controller to perfectly replicate.

Thanks for your comment tho and your right i should do the atari controller.

Im impressed though

Its nice and is an exact of the classic consol, the controll it self looks great but its the wire that looks abit on the odd side and doesnt look real, but for the rest its awsome and nifty looking

How to improve on this, well my guess would be on the "WIRE" but not sure how.


Nanakisan responds:

well the only way i can fix the wire is to maybe lengthen it and make it look more dynamic while also giving it weight by havign it droop against the ground.

The wire is too thin, as well as prominent, if you softened it up a bit, and made it thicker, it would defs be nicer by a lot! :)

Brings back childhood memorys..

back in the good ol' times,where "BattleToads" made children cry out in anger in frustration, when Super Mario jumped upon some evil pixels...this is,by all means,the first real gaming console.